TAG Heuer Pendulum, Beyond Groundbreaking

Published: 09th August 2010
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Is it possible, after all these years to create truly groundbreaking inventions in timekeeping? Well, if your name is TAG Heuer, the answer is, yes. TAG Heuer didn't obtain their avant-garde reputation by sitting on the sidelines and resting on their laurels. They continue to develop new and innovative ways to keep time, more accurately and reliably. The newest and most revolutionary creation is not visible to the naked eye, but buried deep inside their watches. The heart of their most technologically advanced invention beats with the help of the Pendulum. TAG Heuer's Pendulum Concept watch is the world's first ever mechanical movement timepiece, which performs without a hairspring.

The Pendulum is a manually rewinding movement, run by the use of the TAG Heuer patent pending pendulum wheel, with three arms. This new movement runs smooth and effortlessly, by the use of a simple magnetic field. Four high performance magnets are utilized to provide the torque required for the balance wheel to oscillate. This innovative concept blows traditional gears and spring movements out of the water. Instead of machinery, the use of gravity is harnessed and used to create the movement. The new TAG Heuer Pendulum works with the help of 19 jewels, and vibrates at a frequency of 43,200 beats per hour.

This revolutionary movement was placed inside TH's new Grand Carrera Pendulum Concept Watch, and presented at Baselworld 2010. The movement is a phenomenal invention, but what it does is the real story. The TH Pendulum movement keeps exceptionally good time. The new concept watch is impervious to outside forces. In simple terms, it will last and last, because it isn't constructed with any electronics or actuators. The magnetic field, used to run the watch, generates constant energy, and will continue to do so, indefinitely.

The TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum Concept watch is inspired by the original Grand Carrera watches. It is crafted of a Titanium covered steel case, and presented with a polished finish. TAG has equipped the Pendulum watch with a dial aperture, where the inner workings of this revolutionary piece may be admired.

The new TAG Heuer Pendulum movement will, most certainly change the way watch makers look at their work. This invention, based on the earliest principles of timekeeping, brings watch making full circle. TAG Heuer is in the process of patenting the Pendulum movement, and it will be many years before it will be in commercial use, but TAG Heuer wants you to know...that the change is gonna come.

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