Most Trendy Watch Styles for Spring

Published: 15th March 2011
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Ok, now that the drab and dull days of winter are in the rear view mirror and spring is just around the corner, it's time to change our attitude a little. Spring is fun, flirty, and colorful and so are the watches available right now. The hottest trend for this spring season is, of course, color. Eye-popping, attention grabbing hues that are as vibrant as they are functional. I have a few favorites; one is from ">Gucci watches.

The Gucci Twirl collection has always been a top pick for me. The look is much more jewelry like than functional, and I love that. During the spring and summer months I, like many, enjoy adding a splash of color to my wardrobe and this watch does that beautifully. My fav Gucci Twirl comes in a raspberry pink. It has a Quartz movement that makes it super simple to care for and is water resistant to 100 feet, meaning you do not have to take your watch off to go swimming. The pretty pink rubber strap is what makes this timepiece. It is embossed with the famous designer's logo and is as wide as the face of the watch, giving it a bangle appearance.

If you really want to light up your wrist, check out the Rainbow watch by Swatch. This timepiece is created with crazy colors that run through the dial and continue along the entire band. The hour markers look as though they were drawn with white chalk, it's so fun! Swatch's "Color The Sky" watch is also water resistant to 100 feet and retails for well under $100!

Of course, I have to mention any of the enormously popular white ceramic models. These came on the scene a few years ago and everyone from Michael Kors to Chanel has a version of this timepiece. The strikingly beautiful white dial and ceramic strap is a great look for spring and summer. The white color pops and makes a great statement with all of your colorful outfits.

The trend here is color and a lot of it. This spring expect to see even more bright and vibrant displays of color and pattern. We, the consumers are getting much more adventurous and the watchmakers know it. Not only are they producing interesting and unique watches, they are doing it affordably. Don't spend a lot on a seasonal around and get the best deals on-line. The summer months are approaching quickly, so start shopping for your new colorful wristwatch right now.

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