Michael Kors Watches - Beautiful and Affordable

Published: 04th April 2011
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Michael Kors Watches are simply beautiful, there are not fussy and are designed for those who appreciate clean design. This makes them appropriate for the professional and others with more conservative business settings who want to have a stylish watch that does not call a lot of attention to itself but still shows ones sense of taste and style. These elegant pieces are affordably priced and make a great gift for a loved one who is just graduating from college or as a personal gift if a new timepiece is needed in ones wardrobe.

For those who work in professions that require more formal business attire, Michael Kors Watches are a great choice. One of the most popular designs is the white ceramic watch with either a gold or silver bezel framing the dial. They impart a clean, confident air about the person who wears them and they can go with anything.

For a more dressed down, casual look or if ones business is a bit more relaxed such as a creative job in the arts or marketing, modern designs can be a fun choice. Some considerations are the luggage watch or the double wrap watch with a padlock dial. They make a bold statement that says you are creative and modern in your thinking. The charm watch is also a fun one with the charm attached near the dial on a leather strap.

For those who are not sure what they are looking for, taking a look into oneís lifestyle, budget, personality and functionality needed on a watch can clue one in to an appropriate design choice. For those who like to play sports, there is a black sport watch option. For those who like to have a lot of functionality built into their watch they might enjoy the features a chronograph style has to offer. People who have specific types of hobbies could determine the style that is best for them or oneís career can determine the look best fits in with their office setting.

The there are those who like to be different and like to wear a watch that no one else will be wearing among their circle of friends and colleagues. A good example of this type of watch is the mulberry or red plastic chronograph. They are a bit out of the norm for Michael Kors Watches and they make a bold statement for the person wearing them. If you are they type who likes to stand out or you are one who would like to conform, there is a perfect Michael Kors watch design for you.

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