Keeping Your Gucci Watches Running

Published: 06th April 2011
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Youíve been wearing your Gucci watch for awhile now and itís time to change out the battery. It used to be an easy task to do this and you could take them into the store and they would be done for you. Now it will entail either a visit to your jeweler or local Gucci retailer or you could tackle the task yourself. Replacing the watch battery is a simple task. The life of a battery is usually fairly long so doing this should not be a regular occurrence. The battery will not be an inexpensive item to purchase, but it is relative to the value of the watch. There are three types of styles for Gucci watches they include automatic, quartz and bracelet and dependant on the type owned a particular type of battery will be needed. These batteries can be purchase online or through a Gucci store.

This is a high-end designer watch and therefore it will be difficult to remove the back of the case to get to the battery. If there are any problems encountered it would be best to have it professionally replaces so as not to harm the watch and devalue it. Some watches will have screws that can be taken out, others will not. There should be a subtle depression on the side of the case that allows the back to be unscrewed. Once this is done there are gasket s that need to be removed and then the battery will be accessible.

If it is secured in place with a clip or a screw it may need to be removed with a screwdriver. Take not which side of the battery is face-up before removing it so as to replace it properly. After placing the new battery in the watch replace the gaskets and replace the case back. Make sure that the watch is operations before replacing the case back.

It may not be a great idea to replace the battery on your own as these are intricate timepieces. But if you are confident that you can handle the task and are patient and gentle enough the risk is worth the money you will save to pay someone to replace the battery for you. Make sure to place a soft cloth down before starting so as not to scratch the face of the watch and use a small screwdriver. It would be a good idea to buy some replacement gaskets in case they break when removing and make sure to buy the correct type of battery for the model of Gucci watch you have.

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