Beautiful and Affordable Michael Kors Watches

Published: 10th June 2011
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As far as luxury timepieces go, you can spend an awful lot if you're not mindful of the brands on the market. Finding a beautiful and affordable watch is a win-win situation and Michael Kors watches is a name brand that offers both. We all have to watch our pennies these days, but let's face it...we still love to shop. I have researched many different watch brands and Michael Kors is one that I keep coming back to, time after time. Their designs are modern and fresh and they are Swiss made. The company is becoming more successful everyday as customers come to appreciate the fashionable look of their handbags, sunglasses, as well as their watches. Let's take a peek at a few of their most popular timepieces:

Michael Kors offers a full line of tortoise shell timepieces. The look of these pieces is quite unusual and really appealing. The tortoise watches are unique and come in a variety of styles, which include gold and crystal accents. The oversized Tortoise watch is my favorite. It is a chronograph with just a touch of gold. All of these watches are priced between $250-$295.

It's my bet that the most popular timepieces in their line are the gold tone watches. These look fantastic and are priced at a fraction of the cost of a solid gold watch. The gold tone collection is available in yellow and rose gold and includes some pieces that sparkle with crystals. These models are also all available for less than $300.

Of course, we should mention their silver timepieces. These are elegant and contemporary and just perfect for the gal that might not be ready for a flashy gold watch. The silver timepieces also come in chronograph and with crystal bezels and are priced at around $225.

Once you take a look at the watches offered by Michael Kors, you will quickly understand the appeal. All of the pieces are substantial and feel weighty, as well, which is a sign of high quality steel. You could easily pay twice as much for these pieces, but you don't have to. Shop for Michael Kors watches on-line and save even more. On-line shops offer the finest selection of timepieces from Michael Kors and other major designers, and you can't beat their prices and customer service. The ease of shopping on-line should entice you to give it a try.

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